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Iontophoresis works and the sweat guard team are absolutely amazing.
Their UK based expert advice and individual customer care really makes a big difference (they really know their stuff), you can buy from them with 100% confidence. I cannot thank them enough for their guidance. I have finally resolved a problem which was the source of so many awkward, annoying and confidence reducing moments throughout my life.
Best wishes
Anh - London

Sweatguards iontophoresis is definitely life changing.
I just wish I had heard about it before.
Thanks for your help.
Charlotte - Somerset

I can't believe iontophoresis has made my hands dry, very impressed with the product.
This has to be the best I have ever spent.
Tom - West Yorkshire

I have suffered from excessive sweating for as long as I can remember.
My hands would drip and I could soak through a piece of paper when writing. I felt so sorry for everyone who's hand I had to shake! My feet were so bad that I would slip out of my shoes. I recently turned 30 and decided I needed to do something about my problem. I contacted my GP and they hadn't heard of Iontophoresis, but they were very helpful and happy to refer me to see if this treatment was available in my area. This process with the Doctor was embarrassing for me, having to explain how my daily life was effected, but nothing compared to living with this condition. I was then offered Iontophoresis treatment but quite a distance from where I live, so I decided to buy an iontophoresis machine to treat myself at home. Sweatguard's guarantee to stop sweating or your money back gave me the confidence to buy the iontophoresis machine from them and with piece of mind that even if it didn't work I would get my money back. Thankfully it worked! After around 7 treatments of 30 minutes my hands were completely dry.My feet took around another week. It is a little inconvenient to treat yourself everyday initially, and after 2 weeks I had nearly lost hope that my feet would become dry. But then they suddenly became dry. If you do struggle with hyperhidrosis, please give Iontophoresis a go and stick with the treatment.
If it can help me, it can help anyone.
Kind Regards
Joanna - Somerset
Words cannot describe how this iontophoresis machine has changed my life.
After years of trying different treatments with none of them being successful, I almost gave up trying. I was very sceptical at 1st, same as many others after reading some of the reviews. After 5/6 iontophoresis treatments my hands were dry, I still find it hard to believe. The best money I have ever spent. I can now do normal everyday things without worrying.
Karen - South Yorkshire
I have had excessive sweating of my feet for 15 years now and it has controlled my life socially and also in the working environment.
I have tried everything from antiperspirant to injections through the NHS but nothing worked. The last item that I tried before I gave up was an Iontophoresis machine from sweat guard. Within 2-3 weeks my sweating on my feet had a reduction of 30% and after another 4 treatments the sweating had a reduction of 80%. After further advice from SweatGuard, I achieved a 90% reduction in sweating. I have now had the same footwear for 3-4 weeks instead of 3 -4 days and it is great. The service and advice that I have received from sweat guard has been great and I would highly recommend their iontophoresis machine.
Matthew - Aberdeen
Having purchased and used Sweat Guards Iontophoresis machine as instructed I am overjoyed to have dry hands and feet for the first time in my adult life !
I will admit to being very sceptical on how successful it would be and read previous reviews somewhat cautiously. However I would like to let other hyperhidrosis sufferers that iontophoresis really does bloomin work! And if I can use it then anyone can.
Davina - South Yorkshire
I just finished the 10-day initial phase of the iontophoresis treatment and I cannot believe how well it has worked!
My hands are 100% dry. I have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but now I am so glad I decided to give iontophoresis a go. I found that the palms of my hands were dry within 5 days and it took 7-8 for my fingertips to dry up. The initial phase can be a bit of a hassle because you have to make time for it everyday but honestly it was worth it. I never thought my hands would ever be ''normal''. I think I will be able to go to 1-2 week top-up treatments which is hardly an inconvenience at all. I really hope that everyone who suffers from hyperhidrosis can get hold of a sweat guard iontophoresis machine. It will honestly change your life if you've suffered from the same anxiety as me because of this problem. Thanks for all your support and for offering the money-back guarantee to give more peace of mind when making an expensive purchase.
Feel free to use my review on your website if you want.
Natalie - Fife
I have recently purchased an Iontophoresis machine from Sweatguard after losing hope that nothing could improve my sweating hands and feet.
I was thrilled to find that after 10 treatments the sweating has reduced by around 95%. I am over the moon! Sweatguards advice and expertise has been invaluable.
Many many thanks.
Kate - Yorkshire

Hi, i am just writing this in order to thank you guys for such a brilliant product and for the best customer service i have ever seen.
After your email, it took just 3 additional treatments (13 in total), to fully stop the sweating, but after decades of suffering with hyperhidrosis, 3 extra iontophoresis sessions of 30mins really wasn't an issue. I have been completely dry now for 2 days, and only sweat during exercise like you are supposed to. So i will now just find the length of time i need between iontophoresis treatments and maintain that schedule. I can not tell you how happy i am with the results, 100% sweat reduction. I no longer have to sort my clothes into public and home use! Thanks again - I will recommend you to anyone who asks, worth every penny. Please feel free to use any of my comments in your marketing, everyone should know how effective your iontophoresis machine is.
Simon - Suffolk

The advice I have received has been brilliant.
Everything is explained in depth and with great attention to detail. Also any questions at all are answered quickly and with lots of relevant information. The customer service is excellent and as a hyperhidrosis sufferer for the last 13 years I would happily recommend iontophoresis to everyone who wants to live a normal live.
Kelly - Yorkshire



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