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Invented And Manufactured By Sweat Guard

Since 2006, Sweat Guard Ltd has been inventing and manufacturing products exclusively for the 3% of us who suffer daily from the embarassment of extreme, excessive sweating (Medical Condition called Hyperhidrosis). Invented and manufactured in the UK.

Sweat Guard products are exclusively available direct from ourselves.

We have invented and manufacture:-
Antiperspirant for excessive sweating of the underarms
Deodorant for extreme underarm odour
Antiperspirant for excessive sweating of the hands
Antiperspirants for excessive sweating of the feet
Underarm Sweat Pads
Deodorant Soap for underarm and foot odour

We also sell highly effective products designed and manufactured by manufacturers outside the UK:-
Silver Fibre Socks for foot odour
Certified Medical Devices called "Iontophoresis Machines" which stop excessive sweating.

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  • UK designed and made by Sweatguard
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