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Incredible stuff. I bought this and only used sparingly because it worked wonders. Just ordered another 3. It is brilliant and so comfortable unlike Driclor which was awfully painful. How they produce this I have no idea but the doctors/pharmacy really should have this company onboard as it actually works... 


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the result of sweat guard... I purchased it to prevent sweating in my wedding dress and have tested it out these last few weeks and honestly it’s been incredible. I feel confident to wear my dress 


Amazing excessisve sweating antiperspirant that actually works. Tried every deodorant and roll on but they never helped. I sweat excessively and with Sweat Guard Clinical Strength, I hardly sweat now. It has given me a great confidence boost.
Vahab - West Yorkshire

I turned to Sweatguard out of sheer desperation. I have hyperhidrosis and so summer's a real problem for me. Most people don't understand how hard it is when your tops are always wet underarm. It makes you want to hide away. Sweat guard made this a summer to remember. For once I was like everyone else, relaxed in the knowledge I was dry. Cannot thank you enough.
Susan - Somerset

I was a bit skeptical about using excessive sweating products, as I have bought in the past online and nothing ever really worked. But with Sweat guard I have seen a dramatic change. It's a great solution. I recommend the high strength roll on and also the pads, these products really are 10/10.
Adam - Liverpool

I bought the sweat guard excessive sweating antiperspirant for my daughter, I had seen it recommended and wondered if it would work for her. She suffers from underarm excessive sweating and found it distressing and chooses what to wear very careful to disguise any wet patches . She has found your product amazing, very little if any wetness and has now updated her wardrobe accordingly.
Wonderful product, well done
Karen - Essex

The underarm deodorant is "no sweat" to use - literally. Very happy with this product; it has genuinely changed my life
Simon - Hampshire

I really would not go back to using anything else...sweatguard excessive sweating antiperspirant is absolutely fantastic and I have even recommended it to my friends...I have spent so much money in the past on other excessive sweating products...and they are not half as good as this...only wish I had heard of them years ago !!!!
Sherry - West Midlands

Thank you very much for taking the time out to reply to my email. It is highly appreciated. I completely understand the time and dedication which you have put into your products and hyperhidrosis sufferers like myself cannot thank you enough for the solutions you are working on.
Having used the excessive sweating underarm antiperspirant for 2 days now, I am very pleased to report that my excessive sweating is under control. I understand that it takes around a week or so for the effects to fully kick in and I will carry on using the antiperspirant. I have received minor irritation from such products before, but I have not received any irritation whatsoever from all 3 of the different products I have purchased from your website.
Please continue to carry out the excellent work you are doing because I am sure you really are changing lives - you certainly have changed mine. I will most definitely be purchasing from the website for the foreseeable future.
Kind Regards,
Ms Akhtar - Yorkshire

I was then advised to wear it twice daily for a week before returning it as it could take a few days to become effective.  This is what I did, and it worked.  It is certainly the most effective antiperspirant I have ever used and I am completely satisfied.
Sam - Devon

Once you have tried it, in the unlikely event that you do not think it is the best antiperspirant you have ever tried, return to us within 14 days and get your £15 back.