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How to Stop Sweat: A Super Hero Guide to Your Burning Questions

by Erica Jago |

Welcome to the Sweat Guard® blog! If you've ever found yourself sweating more than a sprinkler on a hot summer's day, you're in the right place. Today, we're tackling your most pressing questions about excessive sweating, or, as your doctor will call it, Hyperhidrosis. So grab a cold drink (don't worry, it won't make you sweat more), and let's look at FAQ’s around how to stop sweat.


What in the World is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for when your sweat glands decide to throw a non-stop party without your permission. It affects about 5% of the population, showing no favouritism; it can strike anyone, regardless of age or gender. While some people experience a full-body rave, others might find the party localised to areas like the hands, feet, groin, back, face, head, or armpits.


Is There a "Cure" for This Sweat Fest?

While Hyperhidrosis can't be cured in the traditional sense, don't throw in the towel just yet. Sweat Guard® has a toolkit full of no more sweat goodies like antiperspirants, sweat absorbent pads and Iontophoresis machines that act like bouncers, keeping the sweat in check and helping you regain your confidence.


Why Trust Sweat Guard®Antiperspirants? Because Sweating Buckets Isn't Our Style!

Our strong antiperspirants are like the elite squad for sweat control, formulated specifically for the excessive sweater. They work by gently telling your sweat ducts to take a break, effectively reducing sweat without causing a riot (skin irritation). 


Dry Skin Be Gone!

Our antiperspirants say "no" to Aluminium chloride and "yes" to keeping your skin happy and sweat free. Formulated to avoid the common pitfalls of dryness, irritation, and the sensation of being prickled by a thousand tiny cacti, our products are skin-friendly.


Underarm vs. Extreme: The Showdown, what's the difference?

Choosing between our Underarm and Extreme antiperspirants is like choosing your fighter in a video game. Underarm is your go-to for armpit sweat control, while Extreme brings a double-whammy of sweat reduction and a delightful coconut fragrance to tackle sweat and body odour more broadly. It is known as the best deodorant for excessive sweating.


Why the double-dip on the antiperspirant application? Can't once a day cut it?

No. Imagine your antiperspirant as your trusty sidekick in the never-ending battle against the sweat beast. To keep the sweat at bay, invite our antiperspirants to your daily routine twice a day. Consistency is key - like watering a plant or feeding a cat. Except, you know, for your sweat glands. 


Pregnancy Safe? You Bet!

Planning to add a little one to your squad and wondering if Sweat Guard® antiperspirants are team-friendly? Absolutely! Our lineup is safe for use during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Rest assured, our antiperspirants are registered cosmetic heroes, abiding by the strict European cosmetic laws. These rules are like the guardians of health. Each product goes through an assessment by a qualified safety guardian to check its ingredients and intended use. So, you can keep using Sweat Guard® to fight your pregnancy sweat and stay confident, knowing you’re in safe hands for you and your mini-me.


Is it cool to use Meno if I'm not hitting menopause vibes yet?

Absolutely! Our Meno Antiperspirant isn't just for the menopause sweat marathon; it's a champion for anyone, Mum’s during and after pregnancy or those joining the pre-party (perimenopausal symptoms), the after-party (post-menopause), or just the extra sweaty shindigs happening around the chest and groin. It's like the VIP pass to dryness, no matter your gender or the stage of life's concert you're rocking out to.


Dealing with face sweat but not ready to break up with your makeup?

Enter Sweat Guard® Spray, your trusty sidekick in the battle against face sweat, ensuring your glam stays put without a drip in sight. Think of it as your invisible, matte-finish armour, perfectly primed to let you layer up your makeup without fear of a meltdown. Give your face a quick spritz before diving into your beauty routine and stay confidently dry and dazzling all day. Wave goodbye to the woes of face sweat ruining your makeup masterpiece!


Will My Hand Washing, Wash Away My Protection?

Our Sweat Guard® hand antiperspirant is akin to a superhero for sweaty hands. Let’s dive in! Designed to bravely face the splashes and spills of daily life, our hand antiperspirant isn’t scared of a little water. However, if you’re planning a post-application dive into your hand washing routine or plotting a quick swim, you might find it waving the white flag a tad too soon. 

Our top tip? Timing is everything! Coordinate your applications with your daily agenda to ensure those active ingredients get cosy and absorbed properly before any water adventures. This way, you're setting yourself up for success and dry handshakes all around!


Embracing Eco-Consciousness, can these antiperspirant bottles be recycled?

Our bottles aren't just containers; they're eco-warriors. Made from bio-plastic and fully recyclable, they're part of our journey towards sustainability. Because saving the planet shouldn't make you sweat.


Why Do Sweat Guard® Sweat Pads Lead the Pack?

Imagine crafting a superhero cape or sweat guards for your underarms – that’s essentially what we did with our Sweat Guard® underarm Sweat Pads. Born from the need to offer something beyond the ordinary, these sweat pads for underarms are your stealthy companions against the battle of excessive sweating. Engineered to be ultra-absorbent, they’re like the secret agents of sweat control, absorbing three times  as much sweat as regular pads while being as discreet as a whisper. Easy to apply, steadfast in their duty, and just as easy to remove, they’re designed for the extraordinary among us.


How do Sweat Guard® Silver Socks kick foot sweat and odour to the curb? 

Dive into the magic of Sweat Guard® Silver Socks, the best dress socks for sweaty feet and your ultimate ally against the daily battle with smelly feet. Engineered with a savvy blend of 5% silver fibres, these socks are your feet's best defence, offering unparalleled moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and temperature-regulating properties. Silver socks are recommended for hyperhidrosis self care by leading dermatology groups such as the British Association of Dermatologists. They're not just about keeping your feet dry; they wage war on odour-causing bacteria and promote overall foot health. Step into comfort and freshness, and leave foot odour and discomfort in the dust.


What's This Iontophoresis Wizardry?

Iontophoresis (pronounced eye-on-toe-for-ree-sis) might sound like a spell from Harry Potter, but it's actually a brilliant, non-invasive way to control sweating. Suitable for hands, feet, and armpits, it uses a gentle electrical current to calm down those overactive sweat glands.


How Do We Roll with Iontophoresis?

Imagine a spa day for your sweat glands, aka Iontophoresis treatment. You dip your hands or feet into serene trays of water, or place special pads under your arms, and the Iontophoresis machine, like a gentle conductor, guides a weak electrical current through the waters. Its relaxation meets science, with ordinary tap water as the medium and no meds needed.


How Effective is This Secret Weapon?

Get ready for results that make you wonder why you didn’t jump on this sooner. With Sweat Guard’s Iontophoresis machines and a sprinkle of persistence, most folks see a drastic reduction in sweat – and a corresponding boost in life quality – in just two weeks.

There you have it! Whether you're dealing with a sprinkle or a storm of sweat, Sweat Guard® has got your back (and your underarms, hands, and feet, in fact your whole body). Remember, sweating might be natural, but that doesn't mean you have to live with it cramping your style. With Sweat Guard®, you're always ready to face the world - dry, confident, and unapologetically you.