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The SWEAT GUARD® story

SWEAT GUARD® is a brand for men, women and children who need help solving the problems caused by excessive sweating medically known as Hyperhidrosis. There are 385 million other people worldwide who suffer from hyperhidrosis; an excessive, uncontrollable, chronic, genetic sweating disorder. There are many other people who have not been diagnosed with the hyperhidrosis condition but nevertheless continually or from time to time, have excessive sweating problems and still need the most effective products and solutions.

SWEAT GUARD® was started in 2006. Our founder Ben Jones had been suffering with excessive sweating every day of his life for 26 years. In this time he endlessly tried many products but found most of them ineffective. People are all very different and their sweat glands and sweat production can be very different with some people hardly sweating and at the other end of the scale people who describe their “life as a puddle”.

We found that most ‘deodorant' products were developed and targeted by the larger toiletry companies at the mass market i.e those people who are 'normal' sweaters. On the other hand there were and still are very few prescription pharmaceutical antiperspirants for excessive sweating. Those that are available are based on Aluminium Chloride as the active ingredient.

The problem here is that they were developed decades ago by pharmaceutical companies and whilst they can be effective are often accompanied by side effects, which limits their use for many people. The lack of really effective Pharmaceuticals and NHS iontophoresis clinics therefore has limited the tools that Doctors have for treating the condition. In summary therefore he found products and services available from supermarkets, pharmacies and NHS clinics often did not work well for excessive sweating.

Help people stop sweating

Help people stop sweating

We set up SWEAT GUARD® to discover, develop and make available online more effective specialist products for those who suffer from excessive sweating. SWEAT GUARD® believes you shouldn’t have to endure the daily embarrassment and heartache associated with Hyperhidrosis. 

Our aim is simple and focused and that is to get you back to normal so you can enjoy life to the full.  

'No Sweat' Products

SWEAT GUARD® has continued this quest over the years continually improving our products.

Our products include:

Clinical strength antiperspirants and deodorants

SWEAT GUARD® has continued this quest over the years continually improving our products. Our unique excessive sweating products now include clinical strength antiperspirants that really work and extremely strong deodorants to beat body odour (bromhidrosis).

Iontophoresis machines

SWEAT GUARD®'s iontophoresis machines can be used safely and conveniently at home to dramatically reduce and prevent daily excessive sweating.

Sweat pads

Our sweat pads have been developed to be more absorbent than other pads on the market and remain discretely in place throughout the day whether in the office or on a building site.  

Deodorant soaps and real silver socks

SWEAT GUARD® second generation real silver socks are a godsend for the sole, soaking up sweat, allowing feet to breathe and killing the foot odour causing bacteria.  

SWEAT GUARD® utilises state of the art pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, health care and medical device capabilities. Manufactured to the highest standards SWEAT GUARD® products have been extensively tested and certified to comply with all the applicable regulations that ensure safety and effectiveness in use. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our products we were the first company in the UK treating excessive sweating to offer a money back guarantee and continue to do so.

A dedicated team

During 2018 SWEAT GUARD® became part of the Covestus group - a UK based healthcare products group. This is so that we can blend the best of pharmaceutical, medical device, cosmetic and healthcare knowledge, resources and capability to accelerate our mission. Tony Booley who now leads SWEAT GUARD® started as a Physiologist with a special interest in electrophysiology. He has 40 years experience leading major pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare products companies and clinics around the world and now leads the SWEAT GUARD® team from our office in Bath, UK. He has lived and worked in Mumbai, Shanghai and London. Tony and his team continue to be dedicated to discover, develop and make available the most effective products for those of you who wish to overcome excessive sweating. We are here to develop more products and improve the lives of many more people around the world affected by excessive sweating.