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Navigating Sweaty Feet Plantar Hyperhidrosis

by Erica Jago |

For many individuals, the term 'plantar hyperhidrosis' may be a new one, but its implications are felt by those who confront it daily. Excessive sweating of the soles of the feet isn't just a minor annoyance. It brings with it genuine discomfort, problems with everyday footwear, and, sometimes, a measure of social apprehension. While not everyone grapples with the nuances of plantar hyperhidrosis, understanding and compassion are paramount for those who do.

Here at SWEAT GUARD, we understand these challenges, and we're dedicated to offering solutions tailored for those experiencing this condition. Let's delve into how our products and services can be a source of solace and comfort.

SWEAT GUARD® Feet Antiperspirant

Our Feet Antiperspirant

We've engineered a unique antiperspirant for the feet. Recognising that standard foot sprays may not suffice for those with plantar hyperhidrosis, our antiperspirant targets and diminishes excessive sweating, granting users dryness and comfort throughout their day. 

We have tested antiperspirants designed for sweaty feet from across the world and sold some of the better ones. We are proud to tell you that this is our best product for foot odour and sweaty feet. We are confident that our exclusive Foot Antiperspirant will work for you too. We offer a solid money-back guarantee.

Skincare with a Mission

Skin health is vital, and even more so when one battles with hyperhidrosis. Our soaps and body wash are formulated to be gentle on the skin while ensuring odour management


Our specially crafted soap and gel are a game-changer for anyone seeking ultimate freshness.
The SWEAT GUARD Deodorant Body Wash is more effective than standard shower gels, it targets body odour while nourishing the skin. Our unique blend of natural essential oils eliminates body odour, while nourishing shea butter and avocado helps hydrate and regenerate the skin. This is a body wash for men and women


If you are more of a soap on a rope kind of person, try our handmade Natural Deodorant Antibacterial Soap. Some deodorant soaps attempt to cover-up odour with their own fragrance. Our deodorant soap does much more than mask odours. As experts in extreme sweating and foot and underarm odour, we formulated our deodorant soap to kill the cause of odour, bacteria. It is the bacterial process of breaking down sweat and feeding upon it which causes underarm odour and smelly feet. We use high concentrations of natural essential oils to kill the odour-causing bacteria. Lemongrass, Lavender, Peppermint, and Tea Tree are an integral part of our formulation, as they are antibacterial and deodorising.

Control sweat effortlessly with SWEAT GUARD®'s cutting-edge iontophoresis machines

Our Iontophoresis Machines

An effective treatment for plantar hyperhidrosis is iontophoresis, a technique employing a mild electrical current passed through water to curtail excessive sweating. Our iontophoresis machines epitomise the pinnacle of this technology, allowing users a solution they can utilise within the comfort of their homes.

SWEAT GUARD’s clinically proven, CE marked - UK/EU approved safe for home use iontophoresis system will get you dry fast without worry. Best clinical practice says Iontophoresis should be tried before considering Botox or drastic surgical alternatives. Iontophoresis can also be used in addition to medication to get dry for longer. 

Here's the tricky bit about Iontophoresis. Everybody is different - there is NOT a "one-size fits all" regimen for any Iontophoresis Machine. That is why SWEAT GUARD offer FREE, expert, one-to-one support provided by UK based Iontophoresis experts who have used Iontophoresis to stop their own excessive sweating and helped thousands of others become dry and transform their lives and relationships. 

Another happy SWEAT GURD customer

Silver Socks - 2 Pairs, Original Calf Length - SWEAT GUARD® Footcare

Stepping Forward with Silver Socks

For many facing plantar hyperhidrosis, conventional socks can become moist. That's why we've introduced our unique silver socks. These aren't just any socks; they harness the innate properties of silver to wick away moisture and tackle foot odour. Its innovation meets comfort, all woven into one pair of socks.

We use real "Silver Fibres" to kill the cause of foot odour. Foot odour is caused by the bacteria breaking down protein into acids. Fight back by wearing our socks. Silver kills over 400 different bacteria.

Biofeedback and Holistic Approaches

Beyond just products, techniques such as biofeedback play a pivotal role. This can assist individuals in discerning and managing triggers that might intensify their sweating. Triggers can be internal or external, like food or stress. By fostering a deeper connection with one's body, understanding which foods can trigger sweating. Or adopting relaxation strategies like meditation to help manage stress. The severity of sweating bouts can be reduced. 

Living with plantar hyperhidrosis can be daunting, but with the right solutions and understanding, it doesn't have to be. At SWEAT GUARD, we're unwavering in our commitment to making each day better for those with hyperhidrosis. By merging state-of-the-art products with an empathetic grasp of the associated challenges, we're redefining the way hyperhidrosis is addressed. With SWEAT GUARD by your side, you're never alone on your journey.