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Sweating Solutions: A Parent's Toolkit for Dealing with Excessive Teen Sweating

by Erica Jago |

Understanding Excessive Teenage Sweating

Navigating the world of “teenage” is difficult for parents and teenagers alike. Throw in excessive sweating and body odour and you have the makings of an emotional volcano. To add to the explosive mix, it’s exam time!
Mum, Dad, SWEAT GUARD can help you resolve two of those issues. Managing excessive sweating and body odour, with our effective range. But first lets understand hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, to better help and support your teen.
Emotional stress like exam pressure can increase excessive sweating.

Hormonal Changes and Sweating

One primary cause of excessive sweating in teens is hormonal changes during puberty. Teenagers' bodies are going through extreme changes. Producing excessive hormones unsettles the fine balance of the body. These excessive hormones can stimulate the sweat glands and lead to increased perspiration.
Emotional stress can be another trigger. HELLO, EXAMS!

Emotional Stress and Sweating

Teens often experience heightened emotions and stressors. Particularly when it comes to school, relationships, and personal identity. These can activate the body’s sweat response. 


Who doesn't have a sweat response when exams are hanging over your head?


Some medical conditions can contribute to excessive sweating in teenagers. These include anxiety disorders or thyroid issues.

Environmental factors like hot weather and physical activity can make sweating worse. Wearing tight, impractical or non-breathable clothing can also exacerbate sweat production. Being aware of these triggers you can help your teens, if they will let you.


What are the solutions for teenagers, as they combat excessive sweating?


Practical Tips for Managing Teenage Sweating

Teenagers and parents talking about excessive sweating

There is a range of practical tips and techniques to help your teenager cope with excessive sweating:

  • Open communication is key. Encourage your teen to discuss their concerns. How do they feel about excessive sweating? Without judgment, allow them to express themselves and feel supported. Offer reassurance and remind them that sweating is a normal bodily function.
  • Encourage good hygiene practices. A daily shower using an antibacterial soap to keep the skin clean and minimize odour, is critical. Try the SWEAT GUARD antibacterial deodorant soap. If a bar of soap is not what your teen uses, try our deodorant body wash, to combat odour and nourish the skin.

Teen sweating, encourage good hygiene, use a SWEAT GUARD antibacterial soap or our deodorant body wash.

  • Once clean and dry using the right antiperspirant can make a difference. Try SWEAT GUARD's underarm antiperspirant, for excessive sweating. Or try our best-selling extreme antiperspirant for excessive sweating and odour. We recommend applying our antiperspirants morning and night for best results. Of course on clean dry skin.

Clinical strength antiperspirants for teen excessive sweating and body odour.

  • For an additional boost of confidence try our revolutionary sweat pads. Whether its for underarms or between the breasts these sweat pads "punch above their weight". They are triple absorbent and lock away excess sweat. They are so discrete no one will know they are there. 

SWEAT GUARD®  Triple Absorbency Sweat Pads work for those of us who have an extreme armpit and breast sweat problem

  • Chatting to your teen about their clothing choices. We know this is a near impossible task. But in truth, loose fitting breathable fabrics should be considered. They allow air circulation and have moisture wicking properties.
  • A healthy lifestyle indirectly helps to reduce excessive sweating. Looking at diet, regular exercise and techniques to manage stress, will help.

    These practical tips can provide your teens with valuable tools. And cope with excessive sweating. These will also improve their overall comfort and confidence.

     For excessive teen hand sweating try SWEAT GUARD's hands antiperspirant and fingerless gloves.

    But the big question is what about communication and support?


    Emotional Support and Self-Esteem Boosting

    Talk about excessive sweating and encourage self-acceptance and self-love

    As a parent, we're sure you have heard this all before. Sometimes it helps to read another take on emotional support and boosting self-esteem. 

    When a teenager suffers from excessive sweating, it can impact their emotional well-being and body image. As parents you can play a crucial role in providing the necessary emotional support to help your teen cope.

    • It is important to have open and honest communication about sweating. Allow your teen to express their feelings and concerns. Listen without judgment.
    • Offer reassurance. After all excessive sweating is a common issue for many.
    • Help them understand that their worth and value are not defined by their sweating.
    • Encourage positive self-talk and emphasize their unique qualities and strengths.
    • Create a supportive environment at home. A safe space where your teenager feels comfortable discussing their insecurities and fears.
    • Encourage them to engage in activities they enjoy and excel in. This can boost their self-confidence. Provide a distraction from any negative thoughts about sweating.
    • Promote a positive body image. Emphasizing that everyone's body is unique. Sweating is a natural physiological process.
    • Encourage self-acceptance and self-love. Remind your teen that their worth extends beyond their physical appearance.


      By providing emotional support, building their confidence, and fostering a positive body image, you can help your teenager navigate the challenges associated with excessive sweating and promote their overall well-being.
      Excessive sweating can be devastating and debilitating. Especially when you're a teenager desperately trying to find your identity and "fit in".
      Mum, Dad, not to worry. SWEAT GUARD helps manage the physiological side of sweating. You having open, honest, supportive dialogue, will help with the emotional side. We are pretty sure your teen will feel more confident about themselves in no time. As for exam nerves, we wish you and your teen the best of luck over the coming weeks.  


      If you have more questions about SWEAT GUARD, read our FAQ's page.