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The Sweat Guard® Antiperspirant Guide: Best Results for Sweat Control

by Erica Jago |

Introduction to SWEAT GUARD® Antiperspirants

Congratulations on choosing SWEAT GUARD® Antiperspirants, your new ally in the battle against excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. This guide helps you harness the full power of SWEAT GUARD® antiperspirants, ensuring you experience unmatched freshness and confidence every day.

The Importance of Skin Preparation

Showering or Cleansing Before Application
Begin by thoroughly cleansing the area where your SWEAT GUARD®  antiperspirant will be applied. A clean surface ensures the antiperspirant can work effectively.
Ensuring Skin Dryness
Dryness is crucial for application success. Make sure your skin is completely dry to avoid dilution of the antiperspirant's active ingredients, ensuring maximum efficacy.

Applying SWEAT GUARD® Antiperspirants

The Correct Application Technique
Apply a thin, even layer of your SWEAT GUARD® antiperspirant directly to the skin. Over-application can lead to stickiness and prolonged drying times, so moderation is key. The roller ball of our antiperspirants are large, this means they cover a larger area of skin, making it easier to apply a thin layer.
Focusing on Sweat-Prone Areas
Concentrate on areas most affected by sweating. This targeted approach ensures the active ingredients of your SWEAT GUARD® antiperspirant are utilised where they're most needed.
The Crucial Role of Dryness
Allow the antiperspirant to dry thoroughly before dressing. This patience pays off in prolonged protection and comfort throughout the day and night.
Optimising Application Timing
Applying your SWEAT GUARD® antiperspirant in the morning and again before bed to maximise its effectiveness. Consistent use unlocks the full potential of the antiperspirant's sweat-blocking capabilities.
If the antiperspirant is applied morning and night, as directed, it will take up to 7 days to see results.

Insider Tips for Effective Use

Do not apply SWEAT GUARD® antiperspirants to moist, broken, irritated skin or after shaving. Enhance your antiperspirant experience by incorporating other SWEAT GUARD® products designed for comprehensive hyperhidrosis management.

    Prioritising Comfort and Safety

    Should you experience any adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional. Your health and comfort are our top priorities.

    Support and Guidance from SWEAT GUARD®

    The SWEAT GUARD® team is committed to your satisfaction and well-being. For questions or additional support, we are just a message away, at


    Embracing Confidence with SWEAT GUARD®

    Thank you for trusting SWEAT GUARD® as your companion in confidence. With these tips, you're set to conquer the day with freshness and assurance, free from the worries of excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis.
    P.S. Not sure which antiperspirant is the right one for you? Read our blog on targeted sweat defence.