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 SWEAT GUARD® Extreme Antiperspirant - Roll On 50ml
Know your SWEAT GUARD antiperspirant with out targeted sweat defence guide.
The SWEAT GUARD Guide to Targeted Sweat Defence
The same antiperspirant  you love and trust,  just GREENER
SWEAT GUARD'S Coconut Scented, Anti Sweat Deodorant For Underarm
Eco-Friendly packaging for a cleaner tomorrow
Effective treatment for extreme sweating
The ultimate in excessive sweating and body odour protection
An antiperspirant made without aluminium chloride
Feel confident and dry with SWEAT GUARD's Extreme
To stay sweat and odour free try SWEAT GUARD Extreme On The Go.

SWEAT GUARD® Extreme Antiperspirant - Roll On

Maximum effect for excessive sweating


What Our Customers Say

“Such a life-changing product...”

“Confidence has gone sky high...”

“Bar far the best of its kind on the market...”

“Can not express how life-changing this is for my 16 year old son...”

Product Information

Extreme - Stops Extreme Armpit Odour And Sweating

If you have tried dozens of Strong Antiperspirants and they have failed you - this is for you.
If you constantly check for underarm odour - this roll on deodorant and antiperspirant is for you.
If your body odour stops you from hugging - this is for you.
If you don't wear colours due to sweat showing - this is for you.
If extreme armpit sweating affects you daily, whether hot or cold - this is for you.

Try it to believe it.

You Are The Judge

Even if you suffer from body odour and huge wet patches, and every so called "Strong" roll on deodorant has failed you, use SWEAT GUARD® Extreme Body Odour Antiperspirant, and if you think that it has not reduced your extreme sweating and odour enough, return it to us within 14 days and we will refund you. Yes, that is how confident we are that you will join the thousands of sufferers who have seen just how amazing SWEAT GUARD® Extreme is.

Find the right Antiperspirant for you, view our targeted sweat defence guide.


Only Available From SWEAT GUARD®
You can only buy this high strength Extreme Body Odour Antiperspirant directly from us - the inventors and manufacturers -

Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our high strength Body Odour Antiperspirant, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return it to us within 14 days and we will refund you.

Same Formula – New bottles- In our quest to be more fussy, wild, and greener we have improved the bottle your trusted antiperspirant comes in. Our new bottles are 100% recyclable and contain 78% bio plastic. To find out more about our eco-conscious journey, read our blog. Click here.

Same Formula - New Packs now available in improved easy to use 50ml and 3x10ml roll-on pen style bottles.  


Aqua, Aluminium Zirconium Tetrachlorohydex Gly, Alcohol Denat, Polysorbate-20, Glycerin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Triethanolamine, Parfum, Coumarin. 

Money Back Guarantee

Our founder spent a lifetime struggling with the embarrassment of excessive sweating, so you do not have to. After 36 years of failing to find a treatment that worked for him, he worked with the boffins and formulated a unique Antiperspirant that worked.  Now you can use it too and feel the confidence gained from having dry skin.


  • Stops both extreme excessive sweating and body odour (BO). 
  • Unique SWEAT GUARD® formula provides an Extra Strong antiperspirant action combined with a highly effective coconut fragranced deodorant. 
  • Guaranteed to stop your sweating and body odour (BO) or your money back. 
  • Coconut fragranced so it is ideal for men, women & children. Some people call it a men’s deodorant, others call it a women's deodorant, we say just call it whatever you like including an anti perspirant deodorant we don’t mind. Just remember it works.
  • Only available from SWEAT GUARD® the UK inventor and manufacturer. 
  • Now in eco-conscious bio plastic bottles which are 100% recyclable and contain 78% bio plastic. Click here to read more about our humble journey, and the steps we have taken towards becoming more fussy, wild and eco-conscious.
  • These new roll-on bottles also have the benefit of a larger and easier to use roller ball.

Don't forget all SWEAT GUARD® products are supported by our specialist UK based support team who can help you get dry.

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 SWEAT GUARD® Extreme Antiperspirant - Roll On 50ml

SWEAT GUARD® Extreme Antiperspirant - Roll On