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Home-Use Iontophoresis Stops excessive Hand Sweating
Home-Use Iontophoresis Stops Excessive Feet Sweating
iontophoresis machine and kit  for hands and feet  - Kit components.

Home-Use Iontophoresis Machine for Hands and Feet

Stops Hands and Feet Sweating or your money back


If you suffer from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) and buy a SWEAT GUARD®️ machine for personal use no VAT is payable. Select 'VAT Exempt' to declare that you qualify.

What Our Customers Say

“Finally stopped sweating after decades of hyperhidrosis...”

“Words can not describe how this iontophoresis machine changed my life...”

“After years of trying different treatments that did not work, this worked...”

“Dry hands & feet for the first time in my life...”

Product Information

GET DRY FAST and get back to being you 


SWEAT GUARD®'s life changing clinically proven iontophoresis system gets you dry fast without pain or discomfort. Best clinical practice says Iontophoresis should be tried before considering Botox or drastic Surgical alternatives. Iontophoresis can also be used in addition to medication to get completely dry for longer.


Here's the tricky bit about Iontophoresis. Everybody is different - there is NOT a "one-size fits all" regimen for any Iontophoresis Machine. That is why SWEAT GUARD® offer FREE, expert, one to one email support provided by UK based Iontophoresis experts who have used Iontophoresis to stop their own excessive sweating and helped thousands of others become dry and transform their lives and relationships.


At home and in the bathroom. Uses convenient rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. We have moved on from mains power. Unlike some competitor's machines, our machine can easily be used alone due to Automatic mode and built in shock protection.


Just like today’s best computers give you more computing power than you need, our Digital Device has a specification greater than you will need. It is so powerful that it can provide power that is over SIX times that which many people use. Of course, there are some of our customers that require a much higher power than others, and our Device is capable of producing DOUBLE that needed by even those people.


Most iontophoresis machines still need to be connected to the electric wall-socket whilst you carry out a treatment. Users prefer Lithium-Ion battery powered Devices because they can treat themselves without needing to be near an electric socket or have a power-cable across the floor. More compact and ideal for when travelling too. Like advanced mobile-phones, our Device is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries.


Buy the best - durable Stainless Steel Electrodes are included. We do NOT supply aluminium or silicon electrodes because they do not last as long as Stainless Steel electrodes and can become an expensive consumable part on competitor machines. We even guarantee our electrodes for 2 years.


Our iontophoresis machines are only available direct from SWEAT GUARD® in the UK - they can not be found anywhere else.


SWEAT GUARD® has sold iontophoresis machines for many years and tested many others. We now have the most effective, most reliable and best value machine that we have ever experienced.


As an adult, our Digital Device can be used comfortably in the privacy of your home, without needing someone to operate the device for you. Some competitors’ machines, require someone to operate the machine for you.


We offer a large range of payment options all of which are available when you check out. Including Klarna which allows you to shop now and pay over time. Read our FAQ's page for a comprehensive list. 


Beware of illegally imported non EU certified medical devices. For your protection ensure you purchase a machine like SWEAT GUARD®'s that is CE marked and certified by a recognised EU testing and notification body. This means the machine is safe and effective, can be legally sold in the UK/EU and will last for many years.  Products that are US FDA or China FDA approved are not legal here in UK/Europe. Products that are Health Canada approved are not legal In UK/Europe.  

Money Back Guarantee

If you think that our Home-Use Iontophoresis Device has not reduced your hands & feet sweating enough, simply return to us within 100 days, for a refund. That's right, use the device, use our expert treatment support, and if you decide that you want a refund for any reason, simply return, within 100 days and get your money back.


  • CONTROLLABLE Direct Current all the time to give you effective yet comfortable treatments. Automatic Polarity Shift ensures the most even, effective yet comfortable treatments without down-time.
  • COMPLETE SYSTEM English Instructions, Iontophoresis Digital Electronic Control Unit, Water-trays for the treatment of hands/feet, Stainless Steel Electrodes and covers for hands/feet, Battery Charger, Lithium-ion Rechargeable Batteries. And don't forget, the all important UK one-to-one expert email support.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY on the Control Unit and Electrodes.
  • FREE UK based Expert Support.
  • FREE next day Royal Mail Special Delivery pre 1pm.

Don't forget all SWEAT GUARD® products are supported by our specialist UK based support team who can help you get dry.

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Home-Use Iontophoresis Stops excessive Hand Sweating

Home-Use Iontophoresis Machine for Hands and Feet