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Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads helps with manage underboob sweat.
Say goodbye to boob sweat with SWEAT GUARD's triple absorbent breast sweat pads.
The best sweat pads on the market, SWEAT GUARD's  triple absorbent sweat pads. Try our butterfly pads specifically tailored for boob sweat.
Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads, effective against "boob sweat".
Breast sweat pads, triple absorbent, easy to use, discrete and biodegradable.
Underboob sweat is history with SWEAT GUARD's triple absorbent , discrete and biodegradable.

SWEAT GUARD® Pack Of 30 Disposable Breast Sweat Pads



Product Information

Butterfly Breast Sweat Pad inserts for Breasts, - Stops excessive cleavage sweating, and sweat pooling under the breasts. Discreet, super absorbent soft white cleavage liners for any bra.

Try these clever Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads now to stay dry and comfortable all day and night - even during the heaviest workouts. 

SWEAT GUARD® has developed a unique Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads.  

  • Butterfly breast pads are designed to fit snugly, comfortably and discretely between the breasts. Even when exercising. You will hardly notice you are wearing them.
  • Using our famous tried and tested triple absorb technology, they absorb the source of the sweat in the cleavage. Sweat often tracks down this channel and results in those sweat patches under the breasts you want to avoid - sometimes called ‘under boob sweat’.

  • Our Butterfly Pads are made from two layers of super absorbent fabric. This has been shaped and crafted during testing to maximise absorbency and fit. It's amazing how nature can often provide the best designs and solutions. The winged butterfly design performed beautifully.

  • Use Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads to stay dry, comfortable and confident all day, night or each workout session.

  • Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads are suitable to wear with all standard bras, sports bras and crop tops.        

Excessive sweating between and around the breasts has been called many things such as ‘Boob Sweat’ or even in medical circles wait for it Intramammary hyperhidrosis would you believe.  

Whatever you call it,  you know it is unwanted, uncomfortable, annoying, smelly and can be very embarrassing. Why put up with the problem of typical bra,  clothing stains, wet patches, chafing, irritation and rashes? 

You told SWEAT GUARD's specialists that boob and breast sweat is a real struggle to prevent and treat. Manufacturers until now have not designed and developed specific products that solve these problems. So we did...... Enjoy! 

 Instructions For Use

  • Fold the pad in half along the centrefold. 
  • Position the pad between the breasts and behind the centre of the bra, ensuring it is comfortable against the skin.
  • When removing the pad after use, simply wipe your skin with the dry side of the pad and discard it. 

30 Breast Sweat Pads packed in an eco-friendly box, wrapped in pink tissue paper with an instruction for use leaflet. 


Money Back Guarantee

If after using SWEAT GUARD® Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied for any reason at all, simply return them within 14 days and we will refund £11.83.


  • Discreet: Small size, yet triple the absorbency of those from a major competitor.
  • Made in UK. Designed by SWEAT GUARD®, manufactured by SWEAT GUARD®.
  • For machine washable clothing.
  • Only available in the UK from
  • Money-Back Guarantee - if after using our Sweat Pads, you are not satisfied, for any reason, return to us within 14 days and we will refund £11.83.
  • Triple absorbency for extreme sweating

Don't forget all SWEAT GUARD® products are supported by our specialist UK based support team who can help you get dry.

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Butterfly Breast Sweat Pads helps with manage underboob sweat.

SWEAT GUARD® Pack Of 30 Disposable Breast Sweat Pads