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Dry, Comfortable Hands Within Your Grasp

by Erica Jago |

We are often asked via our chat line, "how to stop sweaty hands". We hope in answering this question in our blog many more people will gain insight and help on the best SWEAT GUARD, clinically proven, treatment options available.   

Sweaty hands can be a nuisance and embarrassing. Whether you're trying to make a good first impression with a handshake, working on intricate tasks, or holding your mobile device. The condition, also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, doesn’t just disrupt your day-to-day activities, but can also affect self-confidence and comfort. Thankfully, with advanced solutions available today, you no longer have to 'live' with sweaty hands. 

SWEAT GUARD, UK's leading manufacturer of no sweat, no odour antiperspirants, has curated a collection of best in class products to help individuals combat sweaty hands. Let’s delve into the most effective treatments available.


Antiperspirants (often called deodorants) 


SWEAT GUARD® Hands Antiperspirant - Roll On 50ml

Gone are the days when antiperspirants or deodorants were only for underarms. SWEAT GUARD has formulated a clinical strength antiperspirant for your hands. This product temporarily blocks the sweat ducts, significantly reducing the amount of perspiration that reaches the skin. Applied morning and night on clean dry skin, you will notice the difference. Our antiperspirants don’t contain Aluminium Chloride and have been uniquely formulated to make the products highly effective yet reduce the risk of side effects such as irritation, burning, stinging, and dryness which can often occur with other prescription or high strength products.

Please note: our hand antiperspirant is designed to stand up to normal hand washing routines. However If you wash your hands immediately after application or go swimming straight after the application you may reduce the effectiveness. Our recommendation is to pay attention to the timing of the application in your daily schedule to maximise the chance of absorption into the skin so the product can work its magic.  

Our Meno antiperspirant can also be used on your hands for effective relief from sweating.


Specialised Gloves


Fingerless Gloves – 2 pairs by SWEAT GUARD


Sweaty hands can sometimes make simple tasks a challenge. Whether you're typing, driving, or doing any activity that requires a firm grip, sweaty palms can be disruptive. SWEAT GUARD's specialised gloves are fingerless gloves for men and women, they absorb moisture and provide a non-slip grip. Made with breathable material, they ensure your hands remain dry and comfortable.


Iontophoresis Machine


Iontophoresis Machines - Stop Excessive Sweating
Iontophoresis (pronounced eye-on-toe-for-ree-sis) is a safe and effective, drug-free treatment used to reduce excessive sweating of affected areas of your skin such as hands, feet or armpits. Iontophoresis has been successfully used for treating all types of hyperhidrosis since the 1930s.


The clinically proven iontophoresis technique involves passing a weak electrical current through the affected areas of skin. This is done using a special iontophoresis machine. This machine enables you to place your hands or feet in trays containing tap water, through which the current is passed. For armpits, special water-absorbing underarm pads are used. Normally no medications are used with the treatment and ordinary tap water is used.

It is known the current flow passes through the sweat channels. This selectively reduces sweating from the sweat glands. The direct mechanism of action is not yet fully known. Most importantly, it is known it works well and modern advanced machines are now easy to use with high success rates.  

Medical literature reports various findings and theories regarding how iontophoresis may work.

  • That coagulation of proteins in the channels or their thermal deactivation is responsible.
  • That the electrical current temporarily blocks the nerve impulses from the central nervous system that tells sweat glands to secrete sweat.
  • That it lowers the pH of the sweat gland making it more acidic which reduces the amount of sweat secreted.
  • That the current and mineral particles in the water thicken the outer layer of skin and restricts the flow of sweat.

SWEAT GUARD's iontophoresis machine is a revolutionary product for individuals with severe sweaty hands. Used consistently, it can decrease sweat production. The device is easy to use and offers long-term results, making it an ideal solution for those seeking a more lasting approach to managing sweaty hands. 

Our iontophoresis machines are CE marked medical devices and certified by a recognised EU/UK testing and notification body. This means our machines are safe and effective, and can be legally sold in the UK/EU and will last for many years. All our machines are sold with a money back guarantee.


Additional Tips for Managing Sweaty Hands 

  1. Stay Hydrated: It might sound counterintuitive, but drinking plenty of water can help regulate body temperature and reduce excessive sweating.
  2. Manage Stress: Stress and anxiety can trigger sweating. Consider relaxation techniques like meditation or deep-breathing exercises. 

In conclusion, sweaty hands need not be a permanent issue in your life. With a range of products and treatments available, you can find a solution or blend of solutions that's perfect for your needs and circumstances.   Whether you're seeking something that gives immediate results once applied, you can use a clinical strength antiperspirant. Or if you are seeking a longer-term solution that provides sustained relief without daily applications consider SWEAT GUARD’s portable iontophoresis machine. All in all using these products, you have the power to have dry, comfortable hands is in your grasp. Don’t let sweaty hands hold you back; explore the range of options and regain your confidence.