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SWEAT GUARD® Your Fitness Ally

by Erica Jago |

Are you in the gym, pounding the pavements or out on your bike?  

Along with getting your body back in shape after the festive indulgence comes excessive sweating. It's one thing to look like you’ve given it all and had a good workout. It's quite another to look like someone’s thrown a bucket of water over you.  

Yes, we feel your pain and embarrassment, which is why we have a range of “Don’t Sweat It” products. Scientifically proven to help you manage excessive sweating on the go

As you sharpen up your shape, we recommend a few confidence boosting products to help you stay fresh. 

SWEAT GUARD Your Fitness Ally, breast sweat pads

Butterfly Beast Sweat Pads

Stop excessive sweat under the boobs with our biodegradable, discreet and super absorbent breast sweat pads. They are soft and will be an invisible liner in any bra. Say goodbye to boob sweat anxiety and say hello to bikini ready confidence


SWEAT GUARD Your Fitness Ally, underarm sweat pads

Underarm Sweat Pads

A favourite for locking away underarm sweat and leaving you fresh and confident as you lift another few kilos above your head. They are triple absorbent and stay stuck even if you are out jogging. You won’t even know they are there.  

Available in packs of 100’s, 40’s and a handy  pack for your gym bag, 10’s

SWEAT GUARD® Extreme: On The Go

Extreme On The Go

Pop one in your gym bag or make-up bag and use this convenient pen size extreme antiperspirant when you need it most. This is our most popular antiperspirant in a handy smaller size. It can be used under the arms, on the chest and back and arms and legs

Your total protection solution in a hot, humid gym. 



Sweat Guard Spray

A convenient, adaptable antiperspirant spray to keep pace with your dynamic lifestyle. It can be used on multiple areas of the body, including hard to reach areas like the back and chest, between the toes and of course your scalp. No more sweat slick hair, but a healthy, confident you. 

SWEAT GUARD Your Fitness Ally Hands Antiperspirant

SWEAT GUARD Hands Antiperspirant

Do you shy away from group training sessions because you share equipment in quick fire rounds? Are you worried about leaving the dumbbells dripping wet? That’s the old you! The new you uses SWEAT GUARD Hands Antiperspirant. You can enjoy the social interaction of being part of a group along with the mental benefits, too. 

If you are not sure which SWEAT GUARD antiperspirant is right for you, use our targeted sweat defence guide to help you make the right choice. If you still have questions, contact our customer care team,